The American School in London (ASL)


The American School in London (ASL) is a private but independent school located in St John’s Wood, London, England, for students from kindergarten through high school. The mission statement for the school is to “empower each student to thrive as a lifelong learner and courageous global citizen by fostering intellect, creativity, inclusivity, and character.” Even with the majority of students at the school having at least one parent holding a U.S passport, the school’s policy on admissions stresses the need to try and admit a diverse student body. As such, ASL accepts children aged between four and 18, providing an education based on the American pedagogy and an international perspective (Burmester, 2017). Additionally, the kindergarten classes in ASL have been inspired by the Reggio Emilia method, with the school being rated as outstanding by the Ofsted and a strong track record for the Association of American Universities (AAU) and Ivy League collegiate placements.

ASL operates within a market that is highly competitive; however, exclusivity marketing strategy for international schools is effective in promoting the school and increasing recruitment. Ideally, an exclusivity strategy is the adoption of a business practice that eliminates or minimizes competition. Exclusivity marketing strategies are difficult to pull off but depend on the nature of the market and the size of business. As such, when successful, exclusivity marketing strategies offer advantages in several business fronts, for instance, by allowing companies to make unilateral decisions (Brands, 2017). Therefore, this paper examines the effectiveness of the exclusivity marketing strategy in the American School in London at promoting the school and increasing recruitment. The critical evaluation will further investigate what the school does well, mistakes it is making, benefits of the approach, limitations, and future recommendations to even do better.

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Benefits of Exclusivity Marketing Strategy

There are various benefits associated with an exclusivity marketing strategy for the ASL, including the establishment of market power. A company dominating a market makes the most exclusive distribution advantages(Barone & Roy, 2010). For example, companies with extensive distribution and resource capabilities can negotiate with supplier’s favorable terms that are unachievable to smaller retailers. However, small businesses may not compete at that level but can dominate the smaller markets. Establishing market power will ensure the school has a steady account, advertising as well as branding. Secondly, the exclusive marketing strategy will help ASL develop premium product branding. Companies employ exclusivity marketing strategies during their product development and marketing. For this reason, patenting the school makes imitation difficult for the competition, but when patenting becomes impossible, the school could use branding in creating an illusion for exclusivity. Further, ASL can fashion and develop its brand identity and make its product seem exclusive, while many other options in the market would practically fulfill the same purpose. In essence, many students would wish to join ASL due to its famous brand name and trademark logo, while parents and guardians incur more cost to ensure their children become part of the school community (Broeder & Derksen, 2018). Thus, exclusivity creates an illusion of value, even for brands considered less prestigious.

Accordingly, exclusivity marketing strategy facilitates optimal distribution logistics allowing a business to optimize its supply chain to achieve maximum efficiency. The effective distribution channels for the school will enable the school contract with third parties in the delivery of services. Further, optimal distribution logistics are facilitated through the negotiation of new terms when engaging externally. Implementing own channels helps in gaining control, creating exclusive deals with similar institutions, and thereby increasing power. Besides, exclusivity marketing strategies enable favorable relationships that are crucial in raising a competitive edge.For this reason, exclusivity allows ASL toset profitable price points with no room for the competition to under sale the institution (Upshaw, Hardy & Amyx, 2017). Additionally, exclusive marketing deals give institution credibility and increase the value of their work in regions outside their current station.

Exclusivity marketing strategy for ASL forms an essential aspect of marketing, considering the saying that ‘people want what they can have.’ In trying to shape the institution’s brand image or promoting a new product makes something more enticing, reliant, and marked-out as distinct from the competition and even hard to obtain. There are various methods or ways an institution such as ASL could use, including creating scarcity, use of price schemes, and smart content strategies. All these strategies have been used by different companies with a great deal of success. Although it may appear contrary to the growth of an institution, exclusivity will help shape ASL’s public image. Making a product ‘exclusive’ can be the number one driver of sales because exclusivity is not just about those who have and those who do not have. An organization uses exclusivity in distinguishing its brand or what it is all about, thereby carving a particular niche (Jayanti & Raghunath, 2018). As a result, honing a public image forms an integral part of ASL by establishing through being selective who can access its products and services, and taking control of its public image.

Accordingly, exclusivity could help ASL in pricing, especially for tuition fees, considering people most often associate exclusivity with luxury brands. The business model for ASL works by ensuring tuition fees are simply too expensive for the majority to afford. As such, if the institution makes its services relatively challenging to acquire, it becomes something people aspire to own. ASL, as a brand, perfectly exemplifies this by ensuring its catalog of services are celebrated as the apex of the industry. It remains famous around the globe, with the name sustaining interest in the brand and offering a timeless appeal. However, higher prices have to be justified through ensuring the necessary and supporting certification, guarantees, and reviews for products and services are put in place. Additionally, pricing should officially be followed by strict laws and guidelines on quality assurance, especially at this age of vocal social-media use and acute scrutiny (Bang et al., 2019). As a result, an institution like ASL should be careful not to up-sell its services unjustifiably.

Consequently, exclusivity helps ASL to restrict supply or access to admissions because restricting access and adding a sense of scarcity to a product or service creates added value. The nature of human is to desire items which are scarce or in short supply. The items or services might have proven successful for previous customers, but most people fear missing out on them. For instance, a prominent organization might appear waning in its popularity in the short-term, but upon a new release, everyone clamors to be part of it. One key aspect of success for ASL is the ‘invite-only’ strategy for membership by relying on invitation from existing members of the community (Chen & Fu, 2017). This method helps the institution to create huge interest and anticipation in its services resulting in enhanced membership, recruitment, and growth.

Accordingly, ASL’s membership is enhanced through exclusivity marketing strategy; however, a different vocabulary is critical in this regard. The language used while inviting customers to explore a brand or product remains fundamental. Ideally, content marketing strategies not only have to generate interest but also motivate people to take action. For example, referring to ‘limited discounts’ and ‘exclusive offers’ for services instills to consumers a time-conscious panic and could result in a jump, especially on the number of engagements and conversations. As a result, a reiteration of product scarcity is a reminder to people on the high demand (Upshaw & Amyx, 2017). Also, the manner of addressing customers is essential and have actionable consequences.

Hence, the use of second-person pronouns such as ‘you’ and ‘your,’ singles out the reader, making them personally involved in a conversation. Further, a different orexclusive vocabulary makes consumers feel they have got an invitation into an elite club, amongst their social peers, and their ego pandered with such sense of a personal invitation. Likewise, exclusivity marketing helps in assessing the strategy ASL needs. As indicated earlier, doing a service seemingly exclusive is one of the more fabulous ways of yielding greater public interest to that service. It not only makes a status symbol but also creates a word-of-mouth excitement on a service (Arora, Ezry, Goyal & Zambrano, 2018). Further, flipping on the status quo or foregoing conventional advertising for a consumer-led activity could help service without making it seems forced.

The Schools Brand/Market Positioning Strategy

The American School of London’s founder, Stephen Eckard, once said: “education is a community service requiring community participation.” Today, almost 70 years since its inception, ASL continues to be an excellent example of an exemplary not only within the community but also in the bigger stage of school education internationally. The school’s brand prides an impressive timeline in its activities today, including the 15,000 active alumni spread across 77 countries. Further, it has and continues to be a leader and a reputable international school across the globe. The past successes have endeared the school to global daily visitors to its site and have updated the website to showcase the community better while utilizing the current best practices and technology (Ishihara & Zhang, 2017).  Through its updated website, the school’s brand and market positioning strategy has been enhanced with a more visual experience for its site visitors, a new and outward-facing site targeting prospective students and families, as well as potential employees.

Additionally, the institution has managed to extricatefrom the websiteparent-focused content and ensured it remains behind the portal. As a result, the portal was revamped and is currently much more comfortable to navigate through and read. The institutions’ goal is making a ‘home base’ for parents so that they could find every information they require in one place.Prospective students of school-age want to have a say in their education and can research on their own. For this reason, ASL has gotten it right on the admissions page where they have let their students become the guides. The amusing video content enables students to lead the way with Life in London videos(Ferrell & Hartline, 2012). The videos resonate well with prospective students who might lack the opportunity to visit the school before they finally enroll as well as appeal to the children’s short attention spans and other desires for some authentic content.

Accordingly, the ASL’s marketing positioning strategy has been enhanced by its philosophy on the institutions’ website maintenance. The institution has trained over 30 users with administrative access who can update the site. ASL is a stronger believer in facilitating individual members of its community to update some of the relevant sections of the website, including grade-level representatives who update the curriculum, athletics tasked with updating sports information and other important sections. The strategy has helped the institution ensure the available information is up-to-date and accurate, bringing pride in the ownership throughout the school (Barone & Roy, 2010). Further, ASL has the option of sharing the website maintenance across the institution, while using Finalsite’s page-level security for ensuring security and privacy of their online resources and registrations of other facilities.

Likewise, the secret to the ASL’s success lies in collaboration and values input, considering they want to ensure they get a positive response from the 1,350 students, parents, and the employees. A portal has been created to provide parents and employees access to essential resources, forms, and as a gateway to other systems. The portal for the employees has additional information such as professional development, health and safety, and human resources. ASL prides itself on a strong philanthropy background, which is articulated in the giving section of their site. The pages have been well crafted to include video contents, high-impact news, and call-to-action buttons that help donors in understanding the importance of such gifts. By use of Finalsite’s integrated forms or payment, ASL has been able to streamline its processes and make it easier for the donors to make any contributions. The website has links that provide the giving forms, and are easy to spot on the giving section(Burmester, 2017). Thus, the great content demonstrates the impact of the gift to the community, especially towards education and the experience of students at the ASL.

Limitations of the Exclusivity Marketing Strategy

Exclusivity means there is something one cannot have, and naturally, people want what they cannot get. Mainly, people want what is scarce and is not readily available. For marketers, it is a powerful psychological phenomenon, but sadly, a few businesses can use it to their advantage, and those that do are far from realizing considerable success. As such, the impact or the psychological power of exclusivity to human beings usually begins with the scarcity principle. Just like demand and supply, the scarcity principle says the more unattainable or rare something is, the more valuable it becomes. As a result, the elusive value would spark a sense of urgency and curiosity within a person, making them want to establish and know what exactly they are missing out on. Accordingly, it is these emotions that mostly drive people in lining up during odd hours to test new arrivals(Brands, 2017). However, this curiosity is of great benefit to marketers considering the emotions make people wish to click-through or convert to ensure they are within the exclusive offers before it gets too late.

Fulfilling curiosity is in itself a gratification, but exclusivity elicits other psychological rewards, including a sense of importance and belonging. When a service or product is limited or exclusive, so are the benefits. Likewise, being among the first to access the benefits puts a person in the elite group, thereby creating a strong sense of community and belonging. Maslow argued this sense of community and belonging remains at the center of the human hierarchy of needs. One of the most important aspects of belonging for communities is to give people a forum to bond over and connect their shared experiences and serve as a breeding ground for new ideas(Broeder & Derksen, 2018). Further, being part of the elite group and accessing the benefits of exclusivity gives people enhanced confidence, a feeling of being important, and an advantage over their peers.

While exclusivity marketing strategy is seemingly simple to understand, many institutions and brands have given it the wrong approach or inefficiency. For this reason, a lack of clear customer value is a significant limitation on exclusivity marketing strategy. A strategy based on exclusivity works best when it offers clear but unique value to the user. This is what exclusivity catches and drives interest in a product or service. At the same time, the exclusive benefits make them desire to convert and become part of the users in the elite community(Upshaw, Hardy & Amyx, 2017). For this reason, it initially becomes hard to understand what exclusivity is all about and what exactly one is getting into.

There are several ways of creating a sense of exclusivity in marketing by using three main tools working in conjunction with other upcoming offers that increase scarcity as well as perceived value. Firstly, waiting lists are a tool that builds awareness and hype by having individuals sign-up for an upcoming event or offers ahead of time and get a dedicated landing page. This helps in building a list that could be emailed and overall nurture to purchase the product. Secondly, setting deadlines is a crucial tool in exclusive marketing since they are important while registering for a particular event or redemption of a promotion(Jayanti & Raghunath, 2018). This set deadline helps create a sense of urgency while giving the audience the motivation to act now but not waiting until it becomes too late.

Another tool for exclusivity is to limit quantities that refer to limiting offers or promotions to set redemption or several people. It is similar to the issue of setting deadlines, creating a sense of scarcity, and urgency around the offer while encouraging the audience to take action and be among the lucky few to benefit from the promotion. The fourth tool is to have qualifications because it is another way of building such a sense of exclusivity through specific criteria for the ones who could take advantage of a particular offer. However, the qualifications depend on the nature of the business, and open to the people in an industry or area. As such, the limitation increases the perceived value of an offer, where not everyone could access(Bang et al., 2019).For ASL, it can use exclusivity in converting more leads, thereby generating business opportunities, especially admissions.


For the ASL’s exclusivity marketing strategy to work effectively, the institution should combine it with other types of content marketing such as blogging, social media, and eBooks. Hence, having a content marketing strategy will be helpful for the maximum utilization of exclusivity. The content marketing comprises of content goals, a publishing schedule, and a general idea on the content type planned for publishing. There are several ways of enhancing the exclusivity marketing strategy to ensure it’s more effective and more intentional, including documenting the strategy. A few pages that documents and lays out the marketing plans and goals are essential for ASL(Chen & Fu, 2017). Previous studies have shown the most effective exclusive marketers have their strategy documented, while marketers who fail to document the strategy, are likely to report an ineffective strategy.

Secondly, an exclusivity marketing strategy can be enhanced by meeting with the ASL’s team more often. Whether the institution has a dedicated marketing team to drive the strategy or not, it is important to meet the persons responsible for strategic promotion and creation. It has been established that the most effective and successful marketers meet on a daily or weekly basis because meeting a team less often means there’s a possibility of some important tasks falling through the cracks. Thirdly, an exclusivity marketing strategy can be enhanced by ensuring some specific business goals. The majority of business owners come up with strategies to only increase sales; however, there are times when only a single strategy is tied directly to revenues(Upshaw & Amyx, 2017). For this reason, realistic business goals play a critical role in increasing leads, ensuring brand awareness as potential clients keep the institution on top of their mind as well as customer retention.

Additionally, knowing the metrics for tracking when operationalizing the exclusivity marketing strategy is a necessity because monitoring the performance of the strategy assists in determining whether it helps meet the set goals. Some of the most relevant exclusive marketing metrics can be divided into hard metrics such as sales, traffic, and leads or soft metrics like social-media engagement. Finally, the exclusivity marketing strategy requires the institution to become more buyer-centric. There is a need to track the relevant parameters and ensure clear business goals because understanding what customers, readers, and clients need is critical. There are three elements of a buyer-centric exclusivity strategy, including understanding the motivation behind buyer behavior among the audience, establishing the preferences for the audience, how and where to access(Arora, Ezry, Goyal & Zambrano, 2018). The other element is understanding of the visitor’s path towards buying or purchasing and using the available content in moving visitors through the same way.


The American School in London serves students from kindergarten through to high school with a mission to empower the students in order for them to thrive in lifelong learning and becoming courageous global citizens who can foster creativity, intellect, character, and inclusivity. The institutions’ policy about admissions stresses the need to try admitting a diverse student body even with the majority of the students having at least a parent with a U.S passport. The ASL operates within a highly competitive market; however, exclusivity marketing strategy for international schools can be useful in promoting the school and increasing recruitment.  Exclusivity marketing strategy is the adoption of a business practice that minimizes competition. These strategies are difficult to pull off, although it depends on the nature of the market and the size of business. As such, when successful, exclusivity marketing strategies offer advantages in several business fronts, for instance, by allowing a company to make unilateral decisions. Exclusivity marketing strategy has several benefits, including the establishment of market power, facilitating optimal distribution logistics, helping in pricing, and restricting supply or access to admissions.


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