How to solve the problem of nurse shortage


The main role of a nursing professional is to guarantee safe and quality health care to the patients. It is this reason that the majority of the initiatives implemented in all Healthcare institutions are geared towards patient safety and quality Healthcare. However, there there are times that the nurses for healthcare organisations cannot guarantee the patients quality Healthcare or safety. One reason for this is the Healthcare facility lacking the necessary equipment or failing to have the right number of care providers. One of the most concerning issues a majority of healthcare institutions in the UK is the shortage of nursing professionals. It is a problem that leads to the large patient to nurse ratio and it puts pressure on other medical facilities. Eventually, the nurses feel the pressure that they are exposed to because they have to work overtime to attend to the patients. Other problems include burnout and eventually nurse turnover which is a concern to many Healthcare institutions. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the problem of nurse shortage and how it can be solved through the implementation of effective initiatives to improve patient safety and quality health improvement.

Keywords: Healthcare, SWOT analysis, health initiatives, nurse turnover, patient care, nurse burnout, evidence-based practice.

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How to solve the problem of nurse shortage
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The role of nursing professionals is to provide quality care for the patient. Patient care can only be provided if nurses have the best working conditions, and they are not under extensive pressure. However, in many healthcare institutions, nurse shortage has limited the services that can be provided to the patient because the nurses are increasingly being put under pressure to serve the increasing number of patients. This has proven to be a major cause of concern in nursing professionals with several government initiatives being put in place to help solve this problem. The shortage is created by increasing turnover and the people who retire from the profession not being replaced. Apart from this, the government is always reluctant to hire many healthcare professionals. Improvement in education has been a key issue in solving this problem. It leads to a lack of quality care because the available nurses have to rush so that they can meet the deadlines and serve the many patients in the hospital. At the same time, the nurses how to use facilities that are limited and cannot be properly used because of the limited number of staff available. It leads to pressure put on the equipment by the patients, apart from the other problem is the extensive workload the nurses are exposed to. As professionals, nurses have the responsibility to serve the patients excellently and to guarantee quality care. They have to complete the schedule as required despite the outcome that sometimes fails to meet the requirements.

The shortage of nurses also makes it easier for nurses to make a mistake increasing the possibility of patients receiving poor treatment for health attendance. Several initiatives can be used to rectify the situation. It is important to improve on the existing facilities so as to address the daunting challenges add to a lion the best practices. In the organisation, healthcare organisations should take the advantages that are established for quality improvement and to the overall clinical improvements.   It is important to implement strategies such as improving the role of nurse leaders and the nurses within an institution that is faced with the challenge of shortage of nurses. The other initiative is to remain accountable as Healthcare providers according to the requirements of the profession. Addressing Healthcare challenges requires accountability, where every individual who is responsible for a particular patient performs their best. This makes it easier to address the problem of nurse shortage. The commitment also leads to quality Healthcare. In addition to this implementation of evidence-based practice has proven to be one of the most effective strategies in addressing the challenges posed to the nursing organisations. Additionally, evidence-based practice allows the implementation of this strategy is to be tested to see if they can work and to produce the needed results.

Situation Description/Introduction

Shortage of nursing staff leads to a large patient-to-nurse ratio in hospitals and other medical facilities. Nurses working in understaffed environments are likely to complain of stress and burnout. In the long run, this leads to inconsistent care and reduced quality of care (Buerhaus et al., 2007). Shortage of staff forces nurses to work for longer hours, thus predisposing nurses to a higher likelihood of making mistakes that may have a detrimental impact on the delivery of quality and safe care.

Role in Situation

Nurses play a critical role in caregiving but can be overwhelmed by a shortage of staff members. As a nurse, I have to work for longer hours and under very stressful environments to ensure that I attend to patient needs. Nurse leaders have to continually deal with pressure from other health departments due to the shortage of nursing staff (Lynn & Redman, 2005). They have to stretch the nurses beyond their limits to meet the caregiving demands of the health facility.


  • Nurses in understaffed environments receive higher pay rates since they have to work under pressure.
  • Nurses working overtime earn bonuses, and other premium pays, which increases their income.
  • Working under pressure equips nurses with skills and competency of operating under a stressful working environment.
  • Weakness
  • Nurses work long hours, which results in burnout and fatigue.
  • Working under stressful healthcare settings may lead to mistakes and medical errors, which may be deleterious to the health and safety of patients.
  • Nursing shortage leads to inconsistent care and reduced quality of care due to job dissatisfaction.
  • Opportunities
  • Hospitals can give college and university graduates a chance to work.
  • More students are taking nursing courses, which will help address the issue of shortages.
  • Training nurses to equip them with skills of working under stressful conditions.
  • Threats
  • Shortage of nurses is likely to lead to higher patient mortality.
  • Nurse turnover is likely to be higher as more nurses will opt for other professional careers rather than work in stressful conditions.
  • Patients are likely to pay higher healthcare costs to receive nursing services.
  • Conclusion

Shortage of nursing is one of the challenges prevalent in healthcare settings. Nurses working in understaffed settings are likely to complain of fatigue and stress. Shortage of nurses also leads to inconsistent care and reduced quality of care. As a nurse, I have to work under pressure while a nurse leader has to strive for the nurses beyond their limit to meet patient needs. Nurses in understaffed environments receive higher pay rates through overtime bonuses. Working under pressure may lead to mistakes and medical errors, which may be deleterious to the health and safety of patients. Hospitals can give college and university graduates an opportunity to work while training more nurses. Shortage of nurses is likely to lead to higher patient mortality, staff turnover, and increased nursing costs.

Literature review


Currently, the United Kingdom’s health care system is facing a shortage of nurses. This is a disaster in the waiting given that in any healthcare system when there is a shortage in the staff levels, the outcome is poor patient outcomes. This is simply because of the fact that an understaffed nursing workforce is likely to report burnout, stress, and fatigue and consequently deliver poor healthcare services. In this review of literature, various literary works that have explored on the United Kingdom’s current nursing understaffing crisis is featured. Most of these works either address the problem by itself or propose probable solutions that could tackle the understaffing nursing crisis.

The Shortage of Nurses Poses a Serious Threat to Health Outcomes of Children

Glasper sought to establish the relationship between the nurse understaffing crisis and the health outcomes of children in the UK. In his findings, Glasper confirms the fact that indeed there is an understaffing crisis in children care departments in various healthcare centres across the UK. According to the NHS standards, there should be at least two registered nurses in children’s healthcare wards at any given time. A number of healthcare centres haven’t met this requirement. This, coupled with the fact that adult nurses possess limited skills in dealing with children’s health issues, validates Glasper’s research. In general, the research presented by Glasper is on point. The only limitation with this research lies in the fact that it does not suggest probable suggestions on how healthcare agencies like the NHS could solve the health outcomes to children.

The Role of Technology in Addressing the Nursing Shortage Crisis

According to Fergusson, technology presents an avenue of which the understaffed UK’s healthcare system can solve the problem of nurse shortage. Fergusson categorically states that through innovative IT solutions, the NHS and other stakeholders can come up with valid answers to the UK healthcare system, which is already understaffed (Fergusson, 2017). Specifically, Fergusson emphasises the roles of chief informatics officers in various healthcare centres across the UK in developing IT systems that reduce the workload of nurses and consequently address the problem of an understaffed nursing workforce. However, in as much her article raises excellent suggestions on how the nursing shortage crisis can be addressed, there are quite several notable discrepancies and ambiguities that Fergusson does not address in her research work. One such uncertainty is the specific IT solutions that chief informatics officers across the UK will use to address the nursing crisis. For instance, it would have made much sense if Fergusson addresses the fact that if Chief Informatics officers introduce the usage of wearable devices to monitor patient’s status and send personalised messages on what to do during emergencies, there will be few visits to the hospitals and ultimately, the nurse understaffing crisis could be addressed.

The NHS Interim Plan Might Make a Difference in the Current Understaffing Crisis

After NHS’s research established that indeed the UK healthcare system was suffering from an understaffing crisis, it drafted an interim framework that could temporarily address the issue. Projections indicate that should there be a failure to handle this crisis; in the next decade, the understaffing crisis could reach tremendous levels (Glasper, 2019). The upside of this literary work is the fact it provides a tangible solution to impending danger.


Various literary works that have explored on the United Kingdom’s current nursing understaffing crisis is featured. Most of these works either address the problem by itself or propose feasible solutions that could tackle the understaffing nursing crisis. The research presented by Glasper on children is on point. The only limitation with his research lies in the fact that it does not suggest probable suggestions on how healthcare agencies like the NHS could solve the health outcomes to children.

Implementation Plan and Method for Initiation Change

Quality Improvement and Safety Initiatives

Quality improvement and safety actions include all programs directed at warranting that all health processes improve medical operations and patient protection. In practicality, these long-term programs enhance health outcomes and may consist ofpatient engagement initiativesand alarm systems. However, there are issues in healthcare that inhibit the realisation of quality and safety. The most recurrent predicament for decades is nursing staff shortages. The shortage occurs as a result of the accretion in health care demands and often results in work overload. These challenges, in the long run, prevent nurses from maximising their potential and increases their likelihood of making errors due to stress. Nursing staff shortages limit the success of qualityand safetyinitiatives since nurses are accountable for improving medical care and implementing evidence-based practices for enhanced healthcare delivery.

The Role of the Nurse and Nurse Leader

Professionalism and strategic leadership have a direct influence on any career. As a nurse leader, I will ensure that despite the nursing shortage, all patient needs are met and that my colleagues remain motivated to the course. As long as nurses stay motivated, it will be easier to implement all the patient quality and safety initiatives. Moreover, I would liaise with the administration to make better offers to prospective employees. According to Eons-Admin (2017), proper recruitment and staff motivation programs will sustain the facility’s performance. On the other hand, ineffective leadership destroys the institution’s reputation and causes the nurses and patients to opt for other health facilities. As a nurse, I would be obligated to remain consistent in the provision of care by prioritising my work to avoid stress.

Accountability as a Healthcare Provider

Healthcare providers are required to remain answerablethroughout their profession. With the growing shortage for nurses, healthcare providers are faced with a massive task of meeting heightened demands and coinciding organisational goals to improve quality and safety. Accountability, in this case, will require the providers to be accredited and responsible in their work output as per the institution’s performance targets (Brinkerhoff, Jacobstein, Kanthor, Rajan& Shepard, 2017). An analysis of these targets will prove the inefficiency resulting from the nursing shortages; hence the facility’s management will be forced to look for sustainable solutions. For example, healthcare providers can implement the use of patient scorecards to measure performance. Further, resources ought to be reasonably allocated so that extra financial resources can be redirected towards solving the nursing shortage. Liability will also ensure that healthcare providers advise the government to fulfil all the national healthcare objectives for quality improvement (Brinkerhoff et al., 2017). In this way, the health institution will thrive in quality improvement and safety initiatives.

Application of Evidence-Based Practices

An evidence-based practice to solve the nursing shortage and sustain the quality improvement and safety initiative is policy reforms. Improved communication and education programs will encourage more people to join the profession (Mehdaova, 2017). These education programs should address the outdated concerns, such as the stereotype that nursing is a female job, yet some resourceful males can help in providing care. Additionally, there should be a conducive working environment for all caregivers to drive them through the implementation of changes meant to improve healthcare delivery (Mehdaova, 2017).The human resources departments need to develop comprehensive and coordinated policies that cater to issues like staff shortages and the possibility of their occurrence in the future.

In summary, the adverse impacts of the nursing shortage on the implementation of quality improvement and safety healthcare policies call for strategic health reforms coined by all major stakeholders. The deficiency of nurses in hospitals causes work overloads, which hinders their ability to deliver healthcare. The extent of the problems demands a joint effort by all healthcare stakeholders. Besides, evidence-based strategies such as policy reforms should be fostered to ensure sustainable solutions. In doing so, the excellence and safety initiatives for healthcare will be nurtured.

Strengths and Weakness (Barriers) in Promoting the Implementation Plan

 Implementing these changes will not be easy as there are numerous barriers that will have to be overcome. Promoting the implementation of serious changes in the Healthcare institution requires an understanding of the staff members and the executives or board members within the institution. The government also have to take initiatives so as to realise the potential strength of such ideas. The strength of implementing this change is the students willing to take part in solving the problem of nurse shortage. Such students will be key towards adding the numbers, and they are also enthusiastic about getting used to the new environment. As youths who are still energetic, they will bring a huge advantage in the system by providing a constant response to the patients who will eventually feel satisfied because of the services provided by the students. The quality improvement will require nurse leaders to act professionally as required by the code of conduct of the nurses. This is a strength because nurses have always shown professionalism in their work and implementing seriousness in the role will help them stay motivated and implement quality service provision. The nurses are required to remain consistent throughout the time despite facing challenges of too much stress, and they should always be focused to ensure that the patients receive what they deserve. The process of implementing this change will mean the improved image of the institutions through continuously remaining accountable and responsible for the activities in the hospital. By assuring their patients about quality and safety health providers, the hospital has to set targets that they have to meet so as to solve the problem of nurse shortage and to provide sustainable solutions. This strength also guarantees better services from the government who are well aware of the better service provision and accountability created in the hospital. Through applying evidence-based practice, organisations dealing with the shortage of nursing will test if the strategies are able to work so that they can be registered before complete implementation.

Evidence-based practice has proven to be one of the most crucial issues within the Healthcare setting because it provides the nurses with skills that are necessary within the institution. Using evidence-based practices has become famous over the last few years because of its ability to improve the performance of the nurses. Therefore this is a huge advantage if you started as a strategy to combat the problem of shortage of nurses. Freezing scientific evidence and results that are valid, some of the most effective methods will be identified and summarised as required.

Nonetheless, these changes will come with several weaknesses, including the lack of experience that will be brought by the students nurses in the Healthcare sector.Despite coming with a youthful energy that can work for a long time, the lack of experience is a huge factor that will affect the outcome of the institution. The Medical Profession has a lot of complications that require experience. Therefore it will prove to be a major weakness when the students have the opportunity to fill the positions of nurse shortage are put into place. Overcoming this barrier requires constant training for the student nurses so that they can be on the level that is required. Apart from this, they have to be given priority when it comes to easier work, while the most experienced nurses are assigned more complicated duties. The student nurses also have to be helped when they are not able to perform some complicated duties before they get their experiences. A nurse leader will overcome these barriers if these strategies are implemented.

The other weakness is the lack of support from the government that may make this plan to fail. Implementing these strategies may require a huge investment that the government have to approve so that the problem of nursing shortage can be addressed. For instance, evidence-based practice will require resources from the government, and therefore, they have to approve of the proposed resources. This may prove to be difficult as most of the government plans require complicated steps.

The other weakness is the impact that the changes will have on staff morale. In most cases, people are resistant to changes because of the unknowns that may come with the changes. Other nurses feel that changes can sometimes lead to the loss of employment or being relieved of their duties as the changes are implemented. This can sometimes have an impact on the available staff morale who end up suffering poor services because of Fear. Overcoming this barrier requires constant training by the government and the people who are in charge of the change, slike supervisors in the Healthcare organisation. The available members have to be informed of the benefit of these changes so that they do not resist them.

 The Role of Informatics, Technology, and Interprofessional Collaboration on Improving Quality

 There is always a need to develop a health care system that addresses the problem of Quality Care and Efficiency as well as addressing the problem of shortage of nurses. These Solutions include the attention that has been given to information technology within the Healthcare sector. Health information technology and interpersonal education and collaboration practices have proven to be some of the most effective initiatives that can be used to address the problems of nurse shortage. Liquidity provision accelerating the advancement in health information technology and collaborative practices improves different outcomes. It is a framework that Bridges the huge existing gap between education and healthcare practice so as to Leverage the automation of multiple health information Technology Systems. This is made up of models like tools and infrastructure as well as intersectional theories and implementation of useful scientific findings.The bridge of quantity is identified through competencies for healthcare professionals to reduce the error and improve on communication and coordination. Through providing safe and effective patient care, the expertise in different Fields can understand they needed care. Providing proper care requires the nurses to collaborate effectively with various members of the team so as to have effective discipline. This also calls for working together as a team together with the team leaders. Organisations have to work together through defining interpersonal collaboration processes and making it clear about their main competencies, such as valuable practice and interprofessional practices. Through having shared roles and responsibilities, it becomes easier to communicate different plans for inter-personal teamwork. The competency domains Embrace the values of ethics through working and respecting the expertise of the people from different disciplines. The Healthcare institution is made up of people from different backgrounds and disciplines and it requires them to understand the role played by each individual as well as respecting them is required. Interpersonal and interprofessional education emphasises learning about each member of the organisation so as to provide collaboration for established competencies within the institution. Different systems provide opportunities to collaborate with each other, thereby improving the outcome of quality health provision. It is also important to involve undergraduate students within the interprofessional projects so as to hurt them improve their skills within the Healthcare institution. Interprofessional education also includes a curriculum where every discipline is educated by giving different scopes of the health profession. Students have to be prepared to be members of the interdisciplinary Healthcare teams so as to learn treatment and diagnosis as well as patient and individual Focus.


In conclusion, this plan has given various strategies that can be used to solve the problem of nurse shortage in healthcare institutions. For a long time,  the problem of nurse shortage has prevented the patients from getting the needed care and quality provision. Through implementing strategies such ascollaboration, use of the evidence-based practice, among others, the problem can be addressed. It is this reason why this process will succeed, and the strategies will be implemented. Despite the possible challenges and barriers., they can easily be overcome while allowing student nurses to gain experience in t


Brinkerhoff, D. W., Jacobstein, D., Kanthor, J., Rajan, D., & Shepard, K. (2017). Accountability, health governance, and health systems: uncovering the linkages. Washington (DC): US Agency for International Development. Health Finance and Governance Project.

Eons-Admin. (2017, April 17). The importance of strong leadership for retaining nurses. Retrieved February 5, 2020, from

Mehdaova, E. A. (2017). Strategies to Overcome the Nursing Shortage.


Buerhaus, P. I., Donelan, K., Ulrich, B. T., Norman, L., DesRoches, C., &Dittus, R. (2007). Impact of the nurse shortage on hospital patient care: Comparative perspectives. Health Affairs, 26(3), 853-862.

Lynn, M. R., & Redman, R. W. (2005). Faces of the nursing shortage: influences on staff nurses’ intentions to leave their positions or nursing. JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration, 35(5), 264-270.

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