The case of Dawn vs. Vik-legal issues

The case of Dawn vs. Vik

The key legal issues arising from the case of Dawn vs.Vik are murder, mental insanity, provocation leading to self-defence and the intention to murder.  According to the Human Transplantation (Wales) Act 2013 anaw 5, there is a possibility that Dawn has committed murder despite the fact that she has a brain tumor. This is because she is seen walking to work meaning that she can comprehend things in a normal way. She is not said to have any other previous incidences where she has injured someone or when she hit somebody with or without cause. The evidence may be presented in a way that may put her to jail. This is because Dawn has not been seen attacking anyone without provocation. She does not just attack anyone that she sees by the roadside but has a specific target that she attacks. This target is Vik and it happens when she is brushed by the bicycle that Vik is riding so that she loses balance and falls to the ground.

The fact that Dawn falls to the ground may be attributed to the brain tumor. This is because the part of the brain that maintains the body balance may have been affected. The meaning of this is that the brushing that is done on her by Vik’s bicycle may not have necessarily been the one that pushes her to the ground. The brushing is therefore an issue of contention because the force that hits Dawn cannot be compared to her losing balance and falling. The medical condition may be attributed to the falling down of Dawn.

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The case of Dawn vs. Vik-legal issues
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More so, it could also be that Dawn was carrying out self-defense. However, the self-defense method used by her and the manner that she carries it is doubtful. This is because she walks over and finds Vik as he readies himself to tie his bike, grabs the metal and hits him more than once on the head and he dies. The case could also be treated as murder should it be established that indeed Dawn’s condition of brain tumor was not a direct cause of mental disturbance that could have led to her hitting Vik.

The relevant legal rules that apply to the case

The relevant legal rules that apply to the case of Dawn vs. Vikare that a person who is mentally disturbed or insane should be held at a mental centerand that the intention to murder must be observed before any judgment is made. Dawn must undergo a mental test to determine whether she was in a stable mental condition so that it would be proven that she was not mentally disturbed. After the outcome of the results, then this legal rule should be taken in or dismissed based on a qualified medical professional’s advice. It could also be ruled that Dawn had a direct intention to commit the murder that she did. If there were no medical factors that were involved to contribute to the injustice, then she could be pronounced guilty and sentenced. The mention of sanity in this case would be shaped by her behavior on and off work. For instance, Dawn has been interacting with other people at home before she encountered Vik who she killed. Also, she had no adverse reaction to people on her way to work because there are no other incidences mentioned of her reacting violently to people in her surroundings.

The conclusion about holding Dawn liable for Vik’s death depends on some several factors. The first factor is the availability of a physician’s recommendation that indeed Dawn has not been affected by the brain tumor in as far as decision making is concerned. Also, the medical examination report must indicate that the violent reaction of Dawn to the brushing butVik was not as a result of having the brain tumor that might have affected her. However, it is clearly stated that she acts impulsively.

Nevertheless, it could also be seen that Dawn had an intention to murder, which he did. This is because she followed Vik to where she was and murdered him without any argument. She could be held responsible despite the fact that he is mentally disturbed. The fact that she acts impulsively does not justify her actions because it could be attributed to excess aggressiveness which might not have been caused by the inoperable brain tumor in her head. The tumor, although makes her act impulsively, does not necessarily mean that she murders people on the streets upon being slightly provoked. This could mean that she must be held in a mental rehabilitation center because she is a danger to the society.

Therefore, Dawn faces possible culpability for being too aggressive and being held in a mental rehabilitation center so that she would be kept away from the community that she is an imminent danger to. The fact that she has to fight for her freedom means that she must bring on the issue of the brain tumor but this has to be done as decisively as possible to avoid being thrown into a rehabilitation center.

Dawn should be advised that this is a criminal case that could earn her a jail term which is the penalty for murder. She has committed a criminal act and deserves to be punished in accordance with the law. However, the fact that she has a brain tumor gives her defense a lot of weight. The weightier fact is that she is assumed to be acting impulse on the basis of having the brain tumor. In fact, the defense will on count on a few things to defend her. The first one and the major one is that of the brain tumor which stands out as the most appealing one in the side of her defense. The second one is the fact that she was provoked by Vik, who was dangerously riding the bike. Though Vik’s defense could argue out that due to her brain condition, she was not walking on the right side of the road and so as a result she got brushed off. However, the defense of Dawn have the highest chance of getting the charges thrown out by the fact that she had been walking to work on a daily basis and no such incidence had ever been mentioned. Therefore, Dawn could be advised to make sure that she does not confess to killing Vic out of her sane actions. Therefore she must confess that she regrets her actions and does not really understand what led her to kill Vik.

The action of provocation by Vik

More so, the action of provocation by Vik was bad on his side because it aroused Dawn to act impulsively. The fact that Dawn acts impulsively is not reversible because the brain tumor which causes it is not operative. Dawn has a criminal liability but the fact that she has a condition could lead her to be released by the criminal court. The proceedings cannot go on without a certified physician presenting a report to the court indicating that dawn had an irreparable condition at the time she committed the crime.

The case of Rhonsonvs. Matteo

The case of RhonsonmurderingMatteo has deep legal issues such as whether concussion should be blamed for the death of Matteo, andwhetherRhonson could have started having sleepwalking due to the concussion. Rhonson should be advised that automatism is responsible for the behavior that he is seen with. However, this has to be linked to the falling down and the concussion that he had once he dropped from the bike. This is because without a defense of the automatism claim, Rhonson would be jailed for life which is the sentence of murder. The law will first have to examine the motive behind the two friends, Rhonson and Matteo walking to the former’s home. It is not reasonable to have Rhonson take Matteo, who rescued him after falling down from a bike to just murder him. The two did not previously know each other but they only bump into each other when the unfortunate incident if falling off the bike happens to Rhonson. Rhonson is seen to have been injured on the ear and this results to some damage on his brain which impairs his reasoning and thinking capacity. However, it is not noticed until; he sleeps. The woo are noted to walk home whereby they see each other as friends and nothing more happens which can raise any suspicion on the part of Rhonson wanting to murder Matteo.

The concussion that doctors attribute to the falling down and sustaining head injuries must have been what made Rhonson hit Matteo. This is because according to the explanation given, the person committing the crime did not realize that he was doing so until he hit Matteo the sixth time on the head with the hockey stick. It is also notable that Rhonson reacts normally after the sixth hit of the head of Matteo.

Rhonson would be advised to make sure that he does not contradict his statements because that could lead to him beingdeclared guilty. If he is making a statement to the criminal investigators, he must give the same honest piece of information that is mentioned here that he did not realize that he was hostingMatteountil the sixth time. Giving contradicting statements such as attributing this to insanity while at the same time attributing it to Nan insane automatismcould show that he is guilty. According to the Council Directive 85/374/EEC of 25 July 1985, he has to give the honest factual information from the start of the investigations to the end.

The investigating officers have already been informed by the doctors that the suspect Rhonsonsuffered from a concussion and must have been affected so that ghee committed something that he did not comprehend until the end of it. Rhonson must indicate that when he was waking up from his bed and heading to the place where his friend was sleeping, he was unconscious and could not fathom what was staking place. In his statement, he must state that he did not consciously wake up because he would be questioned whether he knew he was waking up before committing the crime. Also, when Rhonson confesses to have realized that he was reallyhittingMatteoduring the sixth time, it would be known that he was not in his senses.

The elements that are needed to prove Rhonson guilty are four. The first one must be based on their relationship. It must be investigated whether Matteo and Rhonson knew each other before they met when Rhonson was falling down from the bike. This is because Matteo could have done something that might have been in the mind of Rhonson and the latter wanted to revenge. Rhonson could have gotten the perfect opportunity to revenge by hitting Matteo on his head with the hockey stickat least six times. This is because the human brain stores evidences of bad occurrences whereby a person could still be remembering whathappened years ago and still wants to revenge. Therefore, upon getting the perfect opportunity, the brain would trigger to have the person revenge. This could have been the case with Rhonson and Matteosuch that the mind of the former could have stored the events that may have happened previously and revenged at the right time. To show that Rhonson has a criminal liability, the prosecution must prove that he indeed was in his senses while hitting Matteo.

The second element is the previous incidences where Rhonson has been sleep walking or doing such things. It is not proved that Rhonson has had any record of hitting people or reacting adversely to people. Therefore. This incident is assumed to be the first one as far as the case is concerned. Doctors said that perhaps Rhonson could have been affected by the concussion that he had. However, he says that he thinks he had a concussion which means that no one is certain if it happened. The only person who could have been called upon to prove that Rhonson had a concussion was Matteo and is no more. This still leaves questions lingering over whether Rhonson just wanted to murder Matteo, which cannot be ruled out in this case.

The third element is associated with the incident of Rhonson falling off his bike and being hit and then rises and says that he is well. Someone who has been injured in the head must be having a lot of pain and headaches because they have been hit in a delicate part of the body (Fawcett, and Abeyunko, 2022). Nonetheless, the case was quite different for Rhonson. He just fell unconscious for some moments and did not go to hospital. The doctors who examined him said that perhaps the concussion could have been the thing that made him murder his friend. However, they lacked hard evidence to back their claims and this claim cannot thus be relied on solely by the court in order to determine the matter. When the ruling of Khorasandjian v Bush, he could be jailed.

The fourth element is the question regarding the sanity and insanity of Rhonson. The fact that Rhonson was san by the time that he was going to bed leaves behind questions that must be untraveled. He had nothing to do with insanity and had no concussions before going to bed. He also did not drink anyalcoholic substance because it is said that he does not take such. Thus, he could have been fully sane by the time thathe was waking up and going to Matteo. He could be jailed if the Human Rights Act 1998 c 42 is applied.

Also, the state of Matteo, being drunk could not validate the claim by Rhonson that he is not guilty in any way, acco0rding to the European Convention on Human Rights.

Nonetheless, Rhonsonstill stands a chance of defending himself, according to Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1934 c 41

. He could be advised to say that he cannot accept any liability unless he undergoes a medical examination. The doctors who attributed the concussion to the murder could be the ones who carry out the examination and give the report. These are the same doctors who had previously examined him and given him the report that he could have been affected by the concussion. This is as per the case of Fairchild v Glenhaven Funeral Services Ltd.

Rohonson’s also has never been in such a situation and has never committed such an offense. He is therefore a first time offender and must not be pressed hard because he has never committed any murder. This has happened after he has fallen off his bike and hit his head which could have resulted to his murdering his friend. The murder is as a result of the brain injury and the concussions suffered therefore. After learning that Matteo has indeed died, Rhonson should be first surrender himself to the police because he is criminally expected to answer some questions. Running away would be the biggest mistake because it would be attributed to an intentional murder case.


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