Biological growth critical for development

of Black Adolescents
Adolescence is a period in young people’s lives that is critical for development and comprises psychological, cognitive, and biological changes. During this stage, the young people tend to have anxiety over various issues in which most get to use different ways of handling it. Through the various strategies that young people utilize in different aspects of life, some face difficulty when handling various issues, while others do not strain. This result is because each young person during this period views the world in a different way than how another young person can view it. Young people reason differently to come to identify themselves (Hope et al., 2017). They undergo consistent and persistent biological changes, including their body parts’ growth. Biological growth makes the young people view themselves as grown-up and people who can be independent in all matters of life. This period also involves changes in the way they reason and understand different things, leading to varied cognitive abilities. There are changes in how they expect things to be from the different places in situations that they find themselves in the society and their families. It is a time when they have the opportunity to interact with people and from where they acquire various suggestions and ideas concerning life.
This research paper will aim to show the psychological development of black adolescents. Psychological development involves advancements that occur in a persons life that may be either emotional, social abilities, cognitive, or how they function in the course of their life. The psychological development of black adolescents consists of the changes that occur in the life of young people, which range from cognitive and social abilities, and how they function while in different places. Black adolescents experience various emotions which depend on different avenues where they find themselves and lead them to deal in a manner appropriate when undertaking various tasks. The psychological development of black adolescentsranges from the changes in how they think, feel and behave in this critical period. All these aspects help the black adolescent understand who they are, including how they socialize, feel and think about themselves and others.
Black adolescents face a lot of challenges in the process of developing psychologically. They are challenged when trying to get used to various demands of life, which are led by the complications of race. During adolescence, young black people identify with a given race and ethnic group. The young people differentiate themselves concerning various groupings of ethnicity from where they explore various life issues. In addition, it is during this time that the black adolescents identify themselves with a social class and meaning of the ethnic group they define themselves with. Black adolescents are determined to know who they are and the role they play in the different groupings they are found in. When black adolescents know who they are, they can undertake or participate in various activities concerning the ethnic group they identify with. The results from the self-identification of the black adolescents rely on the features of the order of culture, society, and history.
The involvement of the black adolescent in shaping different issues of life they engage in is minimal. The changes in their lives result from societal and cultural pressures and inner individual biological forces. These pressures show that the black adolescent experiences changes that are not self-directed.Black adolescents not only change emotionally, socially, cognitively, and behavior-wise through the impacts of the environment, but they also change from the way they identify themselves. In this research paper, various issues that have been discussed include the challenges that black adolescents experience during their psychological development and how identity affects their psychological development. It will also discuss how different ethnic groups affect the psychological development of black adolescents and their performance in various life situations.
Discussion of methodologies
This research paper will utilize primary and secondary research. Primary research will involve data being collected actively through interviews with 20 black adolescents. The sample size will provide data to be used during the critical analysis of the psychological development of black adolescents. Each black adolescent will provide information by explaining the challenges they individually face psychologically in their development process. They will explain how they come to self-identity and how the identification helps or affect their psychological development. In addition, observation will provide information on how various ethnic groups affect black adolescents’ psychological development. There will also be consideration of the level of performance of the different black adolescents when involved in various situation of life. The primary research will directly meet the black adolescents and the different ethnic groups to collect data.
The secondary research will involve collecting data from the previously conducted research. The secondary data collected will help to understand how other researchers view and explain the psychological development of black adolescents. Emphasis will be made on what they explain concerning the hoe changes are realized in black adolescents and how the changes contribute to their psychological development. The secondary research will consist of a review of articles, books, and academic papers that explain the psychological development of black adolescents. The collected data from the secondary research will be summarized to ensure that an efficient conclusion is made on how black adolescents develop psychologically.
Qualitative research will be used in this research for through it the sample size will be able to express themselves easily without any obstacles in giving out their information. In the qualitative research, there will be unstructured interviews which will provide data by having open questions to be answered by the sample size. The unstructured interview will help the black adolescents identify to express themselves using their own words and talk to a point in which they will feel that they have delivered all that they understand on their psychological development. The data and information collected through qualitative research will help to come up with a clear understanding of the psychological development of black adolescents. The non-numerical data will be inform of video and audio from the sampled size. The primary, secondary, and qualitative research that will be done will ensure the provision of sufficient and efficient data to be used in the analysis of the research problem.
Critical analysis of research that has been done previously will be conducted. The critical analysis will consist of an assessment of the ideas and information resulting from all the identified previous research conducted on the psychological development of black adolescents. The critical analysis will also help to provide clarity on issues, ideas, and information from the previous research conducted. There will be a reflection on all ideas drawn from the previous research come identify gaps that are noted in the research and recommend how they can be handled in future studies. The areas in which the gaps are identified will be shown to ensure that all inconsistencies are well defined.
Identification and Discussion of Studies
Based on the previous studies, the black adolescents from various social classes differ in their levels of intelligence, how they learn and what is characterized by their personality (Gale& Dorsey,(2020). The differences noted in the black adolescents result from how they reason differentlyon various issues of life. During adolescence, black people can reason in a different way than how they reasoned when they were very young. The reasoning in this period is also different from how they are to reason when growing old. Retaining of information by the black adolescent also varied from how the young black people retained information. This difference shows that black adolescents can understand different aspects of life without being repeated in any way. When the black adolescents were young, they required repetition of explanations to ensure that they retain the issues being handled. The difference between retaining information while young and now being an adolescent is a clear show of psychological development in the black adolescent.
With an allocation of time, the adolescents can improve on their reasoning power and retain power whereby different concepts are being examined. The basis of how an individual cope with different issues of life is well acquired before adolescence. However, during adolescence, the black people change how they relate to one another and there are also changes in emotions in different situations. How black adolescents feel, show, and change their emotions is learned and controlled in the family. This control of how the black adolescent behaves is also directed by the community with which the family interacts. Therefore, the emotion that black adolescents portray results from both their families and the community at large. The ecological model shows that the behavior of black adolescents is not only determined by their families but also by the workplaces of their parents. The workplaces where the parents work can be having a given way of handling issues, from which the parents learn to use such strategies to handle issues in their lives. Black adolescents acquire these ways from their parents and hence use them when handling various issues in different situations of their lives. The families tend to affect the behavior of the black adolescents directly while the external environment, for example, the parents workplace, influences them indirectly. Both the families and the external environment contribute to the changes in behavior identified in the black adolescents.
The black adolescents behavior can be determined by the economic stress experienced by troubled family relationships. When a family is not stable on the economical factors, it makes the adolescent also not stable in the issues concerning them. When the adolescents family experiences marital conflicts and economic struggles, the family settles the issues when stressed emotionally. This state of a family makes the adolescents be filled with stress and solve issues affecting them when stressed. The parenting behavior determines how the adolescent will also behave and handle issues of life. The behavior of the black adolescent is also directed by how their parents correct mistakes they perform. When the parents discipline the adolescent for evil or wrong behavior, the adolescent grows up without repeating the wrong or the evil, for when they do act, they are punished.
Previous studies show that healthy psychological changes in black adolescents can be contributed by the support and concern of their parents (Peck et al., 2014). When the parents hold their hands together to ensure that there are difficulties that are being experienced in their families, it affects the black adolescents positively. The parents living together in peace and harmony without conflicts makes the black adolescents also pursue peace and harmony in all places they are found in. Conflicts and disagreements resulting from the adolescents families make them so harsh when dealing with other people because they have been experiencing harshness in their families. When the black adolescent lives in a surrounding whereby crimes are so high and the families live in poverty and places that have a lot of people, the adolescents will be highly affected. The adolescents can be affected negatively by indulging in acts of crime or affected positively by being an example to the other adolescents in the surrounding environment. Therefore, the parents take the responsibility of ensuring that the adolescents behavior is controlled in all ways possible to ensure that they are not affected negatively. When the behavior of the adolescent is not controlled, it results that the black adolescent behaving in a manner that is not pleasing and acceptable. The black adolescents behavior also relates to the emotions of the parents. When the parents are happy in the family and with their friends, the adolescents will also be happy the environment that they are found in is the same environment that their parents are found in.
Previous studies show that the psychological development of black adolescents is determined by their identity enhancement (Seaton et al., 2014). The adolescents identity can be influenced by the parents by explaining to them different beliefs, manner of doing things in the society, values, and the expected behavior of all people. From these explanations, the adolescents acquire information and knowledge on how they are required to behave, beliefs that they should hold, and values that they should portray in society. All this knowledge helps them to behave and do things appropriately and acceptably in society.
Parents from the low racial-ethnic group are highly discriminated against and are not valued by the people in the society (Assari, Moghani Lankarani& Caldwell, (2017). Therefore, the parents strive to ensure that they continue to live even amidst discrimination. They also help their adolescents to be able to live with such discrimination at all levels. They help the adolescents to have high self-esteem and confidence in themselves in all that they are doing. This aspect of life makes the adolescents able to perform different activities effectively even when they are being discriminated against. The adolescents gain a positive attitude towards themselves in their racial-ethnic minority, hence they end up not being affected by any form of stigma from the other people in the society. Identity development is so crucial amongst the black adolescents for it is during this period when the adolescents are eager to understand different ethnic groups and how they relate. They are engaged in discussions with their family members and peers, concerning different races and the treatment of the various races. Therefore, it is so purposeful for the adolescents to know their identity, which directs them on how they behave and value themselves while interacting with other people.
Previous studies show that black adolescents who reciprocate their parents behavior are majorly female (Hurd et al., 2014). Male black adolescents are said to be not easy to perceive their parents behavior. This situation makes them be controlled and influenced by their extended family, their peers, or by the use of social media. In psychological development, the black adolescents who originate from the low-income generation tend to cover up their weaknesses, loneliness, and quilt by identifying themselves with harshness and toughness when interacting with other people. The roles of masculinity they identify themselves with make them feel stronger and people who are highly recognized by society. The adolescents engage themselves in a given manner of life whereby; they change their walking style, the type of clothing, the physical posture, how they talk, and the way they greet people. The change of behavior is to help them not to be criticized by their peers and to survive any form of discrimination. Adolescents are always eager to seek approval amongst their peers, a sense of power, and support from the people in the surrounding environment. They ensure that they fight all forms of denial by behaving in a way that they draw respect for themselves from their peers and people in society. The adolescents ensure that they have physical strength which helps to gain submission from the female and create a strong bond between them.
The black adolescents portray masculinity in the interactions made to attain self-respect. The act of the black adolescents showing that they are strong to be respected can lead to negative impacts whereby they can end up being psychologically stressed for they are aware of the motives behind their actions. Furthermore, the black adolescents engage themselves in activities such as establishing intimate relationships, upholding various moral values, and choosing an occupation. They also separate themselves from their families to be independent in their dealings.
During the adolescence stage, black people tend to socialize more with their peers than how they attach themselves to their families. When they find that they are gaining low income, they respond to the ideas of their peers with insults and words of discouragement about their parents. This behavior results from the fact that they separated from their parent and became independent at a very early age. When they acquire high income, they tend to have high self-esteem when they are with their peers. Some of the peers engage in academic activities whereby those who are found successful in these activities are paid high regard. Other peers are rewarded for how they engage in evil acts like drug abuse (Brody et al., 2012). Also, other peers give rewards to those who fight, steal from others, engage in irresponsible sexual behaviors, and who take part in violence.
In psychological development, the black adolescents engage themselves in competition when interacting with other peers without minding the feelings of the other peers. According to the black people’s culture, the adolescent who takes part in a fight is considered to be a man. Adolescents who can express themselves with confidence and without fear are chosen to be leaders and decision-makers among the other peers. Those who show the ability to fight and take part in sport are more highly valued than those who are considered to lack this competence. Adolescents who are from poor backgrounds and unable to express themselves are highly rejected and criticized by their peers. As the result to have a negative attitude toward themselves and their families and end up being isolated by their other peers from all activities concerning peers in society. The future perception ofa career of the black adolescents is dependent on their features and the opportunities they acquire from the external environment. The identification and the choosing of a career are influenced by their mastery of the content of the area, individual abilities in the area, and the understanding they have bout the surrounding and external environment.
The black adolescents tend to have a very high level of vocational skills as compared to the white adolescents. These difference results from the fact that the black adolescents engage themselves in the labor force at young ages in their families and the engagement they had in different kinds of employment. The varied cultural beliefs make the black adolescents not engage themselves in academic aims for they are not connected with any person who can guide them in choosing careers (Hurd& Sellers, (2013). They are therefore considered to be comedians and competitors in athletics. Black adolescents tend to deny and underestimate their academic goals to avoid criticism that they face during the learning process. When they are in their young ages, they tend to achieve high grades in their academics which deteriorate during the adolescence stage. Most black adolescents drop out of school due to poor performance. Instead of the black adolescents concentrating on their academics, they commit themselves to bully to cover up their poor educational performance. They engage themselves in acts that are not pleasing, for example, hiding books and not telling the truth about their grades. These adolescents behavior of not appreciating and embracing academics is also contributed by the fact that the counselors do not emphasize the need to know about identifying oneself with a given career.
The state’s allocation of resources in an inequitable manner makes the black adolescents not be given chances to have schools they can learn from, which results from the discriminative nature of the state. The black adolescents are made not to be recruited to certain by the state increasing the score standards in different opportunities. In response to the unemployment, the black adolescents engage themselves in behaviors that aim at protecting themselves and gaining self-respect.Black adolescents tend to exaggerate experiences in their lives by doing what they think is good for them. They develop different attitudes about themselves.
Different themes that are evident in the previous studies include identification of oneself by the black adolescents and racial-ethnic differences which affect their psychological development. Also, the themes consist of selection and commitment to specific careers and vocational activities and separation from their families, and performance of academic goals. Black adolescents identify themselves from how they are raised by parents in the backgrounds they come from. They come from poor backgrounds and the parents tend to raise them with a lot of hardship. In addition, they enquire more about their white peers to get information about what makes them different from one another. They seek information from their peers and their family members. Acquiring knowledge about their identity makes the black adolescents come up with defense mechanisms that help them to live with personal achievement and self-respect in all areas they interact with their peers.
The racial-ethnic differences that occur amongst the black people make the parents of the black adolescents inform them of their race (Volpe et al., 2022). They support them to build up survival mechanisms when they are interacting the white peers which helps them to live amidst discrimination and stigma. During the adolescence stage of the black people, a lot of knowledge is sought by them to ensure that they acquire an understanding of how to deal with different aspects of life. Selection and being committed to specific careers are very minimal amongst the black adolescents. They tend to engage themselves in activities of showing masculinity because they are considered to be athletics and comedians but not academicians like their white peers. The black adolescents academic performance is always poor (Wittrup et al., 2019). Low performance is experienced when the young black people are in their adolescence stage which is different from the time, they were very young. When in their early ages, they perform very well with a lot of repetition being done them. The black adolescents respond to this poor performance by taking part in abusing their peers, stealing books, engaging in drug abuse, and hiding their score grades from their parents. They also tend to walk in a given style using a certain posture to gain self-respect and feel strong amidst their peers.
Based on the review of the literature, the psychological development of black adolescents is determined and directed by various aspects. During adolescence, the black people begin to reason in a different way than ho ey were reasoning basing what they reason on their knowledge and understanding. They begin to question various experiences of life and respond in away that is made to build self-respect and value. During this stage, the black adolescents experience a lot of discrimination from their peers which is included in their interactions when pursuing academic goals. They acquire a behavior from each situation that aims at protecting them from shame and ridiculed by their peers. When they are raised by parents who are always happy and who embrace their state of life, they acquire knowledge about their cultural beliefs and as well live appreciating themselves. Supportive and caring parents during this stage help the black adolescents to identify themselves and encourage them to be confident and have high self-esteem. Despite the previous studies done, there is a need for further studies since they do not show the importance of the wider social context and how it can lead to ones identity beliefs influencing black adolescents. There is also a need to do more research on the link between the psychological development distress and the black adolescents racial identity. The findings from these further studies will help to contribute to the body of knowledge on psychological development concerning efforts that can be made to come up with protective racial identity beliefs in black adolescents. The findings of the previous studies also do not provide information about the cause of discrimination and how to prevent it against black people. Therefore, this gap calls for the need to conduct further studies which look at what causes discrimination and stigmatization among black adolescents. Research has shown that black adolescents achieve poorly academically as compared to when they were very young. There is a need to have an intensive study that will guide to understand what causes the difference in performance in different ages of the black people and how their performance can be made to keep on improving at different ages.


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